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Lawson Family Plumbing offers service and repair on almost every type of water treatment system in production today. If you just need a water filter change on your reverse osmosis or if you need a re-bed on your water softener/conditioner we can take care of the most common issues you are having. If you happen to need a new water softener/conditioner or reverse osmosis, we offer the most competitive prices and warranties on the market today.

Lawson Family Plumbing only supplies and installs the best water softeners/conditioner and reverse osmosis systems. We have done extensive research on every type of water treatment options and have found the systems shown below to meet almost every need in water treatment. For what you receive and our warranty, no one can compete with our pricing…call us today for a fast quote.

The water softeners/conditioners that we offer is:

The Autotrol® Brand Performa® ProSeries Control Valve
Homeowners now have the Best Choice, and the Logical Choice in residential water treatment systems, featuring control valves by Pentair. If you’re looking for High Performance, High Efficiency and Dependable Operations, we’ve got the system for you. The New Logix ® series controllers for the Autotrol® brand valves set the standard for achieving Superior Water Treatment for you and your family.

  • Regeneration Type is on Demand
  • Filter Capacity is 3 or 5-cycle
  • Calendar is 99-day Override
  • Manual Regeneration is immediate, delayed and double immediate
  • Unit includes adjustable regeneration time option
  • Cycle times are computer calculated
  • Remote-mount Faceplate up to 50ft. away
  • Adjustable salt amount (3 options) high-capacity, standard capacity, high-efficiency
  • 7-cycle High-efficiency regeneration sequence is standard
  • Adjustable consumer lock-out is standard
  • Super Capacitor Time/Date Back-Up 8-hour
  • Reserve Type is 28-day variable
  • Capacity Remaining Display is standard
  • 99-year EEPROM memory retention is standard
  • Water Usage Display is Standard
  • Displays Current Flow Rate History Value
Service Flow Rate @ 15 psi25.0 gpm
Backwash @ 25 psi20.0 gpm
Controller Configuration700 Series Electronic Controller
Softener Regeneration Configuration7-Cycle high-efficiency regeneration sequence
Softener Regeneration SequenceBackwash, draw, slow rinse, fast rinse, backwash #2, fast rinse #2, refill, service (times programmable by installer)
Valve BodyGlass-Filled Noryl-NSF listed material
Rubber ComponentsCompounded for cold water – NSF listed material
Valve Material CertificationNSF/ANSI 44 rated component for material safety
Water Temperature35 – 100 degree F
Ambient Temperature35 – 120 degree F (Recommended use of outdoor cover for direct sunlight applications)
Electrical SpecificationsController operating Voltage 12V -AC
Control System Power Consumption3 Watts average
Transformer Output Voltage12 Volt – AC 400mA
The Drinking water system that we offer is:

The International Filter 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis

Product Description

This 5 Stage RO is tried and true! The I-Filter Five Stage Reverse Osmosis system begins with stage 1, a five micron Sediment filter that traps particulate matter like dirt, rust, sand, silt and sediment that will affect the taste and appearance of your water. Stage 2 is a five micron coconut shell Carbon Block filter that provides a reduction of chlorine, chloramine and other materials that cause bad taste and odors. Stage 3 is an additional five micron coconut shell Carbon Block filter which provides a greater reduction of chlorine and chloramines (these are called PRE-filters because they filter in front of the reverse osmosis membrane). Stage 4 is the heart of the reverse osmosis system, the RO Membrane. This semi permeable membrane is 1/10,000 of a micron and will effectively reduce TDS (total dissolved solids), Sodium and a wide range of contaminants such as Arsenic, Lead, Percolate, Chromium, Copper and Radium. It will also remove over 99.95% cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Stage 5 is a high quality GAC final filter (this is called a final filter because it filters after the membrane). This filter a final polishing filter that is used as the water is leaving the storage tank on its way up to the faucet. The end result? Great tasting water!


Home, Office, Ice Maker Kits, Beverage Dispensers, and more.


5 Stages of water filtration
Easy to Install


System tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 58 for the reduction of the claims specified on the performance data sheet.
EPA/ ETV Test verified performance for the physical removal of microbial contamination agents in drinking water.

Lawson Family Plumbing Specializes in Water Treatment in Phoenix Arizona. We provide quality water softeners and more across the entire valley.